Eating Out

What can we eat?

Dining is a social event in western countries. Business deals and relationships are developed over a good meal. Many students enjoy taking their western friends and teachers out to their local hang-outs. During these events the foreigner is reliant on the native speaker to provide and interpretation of the menu. For the most part the native speaker generally falls back on translating the dishes instead of describing and providing the diner useful information. This activity’s aim is to get student to move beyond translation.

Target level: Intermediate to advanced levels

Time:  1 1/2 – 2 hours


You will need a menu written in their native language and a whiteboard/chalkboard.

Lesson Plan:

The teacher may want to introduce new vocabulary involved with cooking: fry, stew, boil and sauté.

Divide students into groups of 3-4. Have a student write menu items on the board in the native language. Write enough items so that each group can have two or three. Assign menu items to each group. Ask the students to discuss the items and describe them in terms of what is in them, the color, how they are cooked and taste, are they spicy, salty, or sweet. After the groups have discussed the items have them orally present these descriptions to you and the class.

If time allows students can describe their favorite dish