Healthcare Lesson 3

Lesson 3 focuses on vocabulary and collocation building. It is a 50 minute lesson that provides both individual and group interaction.

Download Word2010 compatible version: Amy.Health.Day3

Topic: Vocabulary and Collocations

Target Learners: High Intermediate Adults

Language Focus: Vocabulary Building, Discourse Competence, Pronunciation

Primary Skills: Vocabulary Building, Collocations

Secondary Skills: Speaking, Listening

Teaching Aids and Materials: Handout, Chalk board.

Stages of Lesson


-Review:  Review of past lessons

-Introduction:  Ss will read sentences to discover part of speech and collocations for common English.

Practice: Ss will read sentences aloud and discuss answers to questions.

-Collocations: Ss will group words based on collocation completing chart.

-Vocabulary: New vocabulary is introduced. Ss should read sentences aloud for pronunciation and intonation.

-Discussion: Ss discuss different remedies for common health problems. Class decides if it is a good idea or not.

Aches and Pains

Activity 1

Read the sentences below and answer the questions at the bottom of the page.

 My tooth hurts.

 day3.1 I have a toothache.

My back hurts.

 day3.2 I have a backache.
My head hurts.  day3.3 I have a headache
My back hurts.  day3.2 I have a sore back
My throat hurts.  day3.4 I have a sore throat.
My ankle hurts.  day3.5 I have a sore ankle.

1)     What part of speech is hurt? ___________________________________________

2)    What part of speech is sore?___________________________________________

3)    What part of speech is ache?___________________________________________

4)    What words go with ache? _____________________________________________

5)    Write a definition for the words hurts, sore and ache.  ____________________


Activity 2

Match the words that can be paired with ache as a noun, sore as an adj. and hurt as a verb.  All words will be used more than once.

                               tooth                      ear

                               knee                       throat








remedy (noun) – something that helps cure a disease or control its symptoms.

Does anyone know a good remedy for a sore throat?

treat (verb) –  to deal with an illness or patient in order to help get better.

I suggest hot tea with honey to treat a sore throat.

treatment (noun) – application of medicine, surgery or action.

She went to the hospital for treatment of her illness.

Extra Vocabulary

alternative                                                natural

       remedy, treatment                                    remedy, treatment

Activity 3

There are many different treatments or remedies for some health problems in different areas of the world.

A) : Are natural remedies and alternative medicine popular in your country?

If so, what are some of the most popular natural and alternative methods?

B) : Talk to your partners and discuss advice for treating the following health problems.  Be prepared to share your health advice with the class.

Ex.        What do you do when you have a cold?

When I have a cold, my mother told me to drink lots of orange juice.

Talk to your partners and discuss advice for treating the following. Be prepared to share your advice with the class.

What do you do when you have a … ?

Health Problem Advice 1 Advice 2 Advice 3
Bee sting
Muscle ache

Listen to your classmates share their answers.

Is there any advice you would like to try?

Is there any advice you disagree with?

Answer Key


1)     What part of speech is hurt? ___verb___________________________________

2)    What part of speech is sore?____adj.___________________________________

3)    What part of speech is ache?_____noun_________________________________

4)    What words go with ache? _______noun_________________________________


Activity 2

toothache                                  sore tooth                                  tooth hurts

earache                                      sore knee                                   knee hurts

sore throat                                 ear hurts

throat hurts

Activity 3


hurt (verb) – to feel or suffer pain or distress.

pain (noun) – physically suffering or distressed, due to injury

sore (adj.) – physically painful or sensitive, as an injury

ache (noun and verb) – to have or to suffer continuous dull pain

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