Speed Dating

A speed dating role play is the center this speaking and listening lesson that further explores Relationships and Dating in the movie Hitch.

The Movie: Hitch

Speed Dating

Stage 1: Discussion Questions (15 minutes)

Write discussion questions on the board. Have students discuss in small groups and present answers to whole.

1. How many different ways can you think of to meet a partner?
2. Name one thing you should never do on a first date.
3. Have you ever heard of speed dating?

Stage 2: Vocab

Review vocabulary and example sentences.

Stage 3: Movie Clip

Hand out Activity 2 worksheet. Clarify the instructions and process for the students. Show the clip from the movie Hitch. Ask Ss if they have any questions, then show the clip again. As a class, discuss answers from the worksheet.

Stage 4: Create profiles (15 minutes)

In pairs, Ss will create a personal profile for one male and one female character. Hand out profile worksheet, Activity 3, one per person.

Stage 5: Speed dating role play

Create two rows with male characters on one side and female characters on opposite facing side. Make sure the arrangement allows for students to change seats quickly. Each student will use of one the characters they created in stage 4.

Ss will have 3 minutes to impress a partner and ask questions. After 3 minutes one half of the class will change seats. Continue to allow Ss to meet new people as long as time allows or they have met all potential partners.

For large classes, split the class in half and create two speed dating events. If the class is uneven, you will have to participate.

Encourage students to take notes during the discussion including names and their personal opinions of the characters they meet.

Stage 6: Group Discussion

All the male characters and all the female character will form groups and “gossip” about how the event went. Who were the best dates? Who were the worst dates? Who did they like? Who would they like to ask out for a future date?

Stage 7: Presentation

Students have 30 second to present on who they would like to go out with and why.

Download a Word2010 version: speed.dating



1. speed dating (noun) – a formalized dating process whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people.

Jay met a very nice woman at the speed dating party.

2. secretive (adj.) – inclined to conceal feelings and intentions or not to disclose information.
She was very secretive about her past.

3. worked over (phrasal verb) – control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly or unfairly

The girl was worked over by the charming man.

4. gossip (noun) – casual conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.
(verb) – to engage in casual conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

She was the subject of much gossip.
She liked to gossip about men.

Activity 2: Movie Clip


eva      casey
These two women are attending a speed dating event. Watch the clip and pay attention to the men they meet. How would you describe two of the men in the clip?

1. ______________________________________________________
2. ______________________________________________________

Are the women attracted to any of the men?

What do the women do that makes you think so?


Activity 3: Creating a Profile

You and a partner will develop a dating profile. You will create one male and one female profile. Use the form below to help you create your character.

Name: _________________ Job: __________________
Age: ___________ Education: ___________________

Hobbies: _____________________________________________

  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________
  1. __________
  2. __________
  3. __________

Hitch Script of Speed Dating Clip

Host: Women will remain seated. Men will rotate to the left at the buzzer.
You get two minutes each, four minutes total. So trade your talk time when you hear…the gong. If it’s mutual, you get numbers. If not, better luck next time, okay? Ladies, take your seats.

Sara: Case, you are a living testimonial to the triumph of hope over experience.

Casey: Thanks for coming. I know its lame. I’m sure it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

Man 6: I really prefer Rachmaninoff to the heavier romantic composers.
But despite the pan-Germanic anti-Semitism…I’d still have to say my favorite is Wagner.

Casey: Oh. O.K. Yeah, bye.

Nice talking to you.
Thank you. Bye.

Hitch: Excuse me.

Man 4: That’s my seat, man.

Ron (Man 5): My name is Ron, 28 I’m . . .

Hitch: Albert Brennaman is a good man. In fact, Albert Brennaman is a great man.

Ron (Man 5): I just got out of a five-year relationship. I’m a lot of fun at parties. I like dogs…

Hitch: And then you’re mad at me for what I do for a living?

Sara: I’ve already got your number… so why don’t you go consult your conscience?

Hitch: Albert is in love with her.

Sara: Just like Sebastian?

Man 4: Is there a problem?

Sara: No, just one sec.

Hitch: What do you have against Allegra anyway?

Sara: Nothing. My interest is protecting women from assholes like you.

Ron (Man 5): I did ice climbing once.

Hitch: You don’t even know me.

Sara: And whose fault is that?

Ron (Man 5): …the sun comes up, the ice really starts to fall apart.

Casey: I bet. I’m sorry. Do you know this guy?

Sara: Apparently not.

Man 4: You’re in my seat.

Hitch: You really…I’m doing you a favor, believe me.

Ron (Man 5): Basically, I like outdoor sports. But indoor sports have their place, too.

Hitch: There are certain aspects of my job that are secretive.

Sara: And my job is to try to find the truth.

Hitch: The truth? You wouldn’t know the truth if it kicked you in the head.

Sara: If Albert Brennaman has to take a fall for it, so be it.

Hitch: Why don’t you say what’s really pissing you off?

Man 4: O.K. buddy. I’ve been waiting to talk to her… let’s go.

Hitch: You want to sit down? Here you go. Gong!

Man 4: Thank you.

Hitch: Excuse me. I’m Alex Hitchens. No, it’s okay. Go.

Casey: I’m Casey.

Hitch: Hi, Casey.

Casey: I work for a small publishing house in the press department…which isn’t actually where I want to be. But it’s a good house…

Sara: You handled me. You manipulated me. You researched me and you showed me my great-grandfather’s signature.

Casey: Wait. You’re Ellis Island. I thought that was real sweet.

Hitch: Thank you

Sara: Case, you’re not helping.

Hitch: Excuse me, I’m on a date. Does it ever occur to women that maybe a guy might like to have a plan… because he’s nervous? He’s not sure that he could just walk up to you and you’d respond if he said: “I like you.”

Casey: That sounds good to me.

Ron (Man 5): True, you can’t tell them you like them.

Man 3: I tried that. It didn’t go well.

Man 4: I’ve crashed and burned on that.

Sara: That is what you did, and I did like you! I just didn’t know I was being worked over by some professional.



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