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Teaching in an EFL context is not always the same as teaching in a multi-lingual situation. Most material published on the web does not take into consideration the unique advantages and disadvantages these situation present teachers. Very often these teaching situations also represent different purposes for our students.

EFLfocus develops lessons and materials with a homogenous population in mind. All lessons were written by Amy Larson unless otherwise noted. These materials are to use, download and modify.

Links for teachers.

  • The Internet TESL Journal published articles from 1995 through 2010.
  • This website is now an online resource book for teachers who can refer to our published articles on teaching techniques and other things of interest to EFL and ESL teachers.

Lanternfish, formerly knows as Boggelesworldesl, is an entertaining site with printable teaching materials for  teachers who teach all level of ESL/EFL including Business English, EAP and ESP.

Developing Teachers – There’s a lot on this site including lesson plans, teachers forum and web hosting for developing your own site.

OneStopEnglish – Although difficult to navigate, it’s worth the time. Many resources require registration, but registration is free.

About.com – Lesson plans for all levels include reading, writing, listening, grammar and conversation, childrens’ classes and Business English.

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