Clarity reflects the quality of being easily understood and remembered. This writing lesson emphasizes cleanliness of thought and style for advanced students and focuses on audience perception. Clarity An advanced writing lesson. Click… Continue reading

Basic Writing Structure

Using news writing as a framework, this lesson gives practice focusing, arranging and providing supporting details for a basic five paragraph essay common for standard American English. Intermediate and advanced level. Downlaod pdf: … Continue reading

The Two Travelers and the Bear

Reading Unit 2: The Two Travelers and the Bear Pre-reading: Vocabulary flat – (adj) horizontal, level pretend – (v) to make believe clever – (adj) having quick intelligence desert – (v) to flee,… Continue reading

The Hare with Many Friends

Unit 3: The Hare with Many Friends Before you read … Activity 1: Vocabulary Preparation Read the sentences below. The words in bold are from the story. Match the definition in the box… Continue reading

Aesop’s Fables’

Unit 1: Aesop’s Fables’ Before reading… Activity 1: Vocabulary Preparation Knowledge Rating The following words are from your story. How much do you know about these words? With a partner, discuss the words… Continue reading

Break as an Idiom

This is a 15 – 20 minute lesson for intermediate to advanced learners presenting a common interpretation of idioms utilizing the word break. Begin the activity by playing the game hangman with the… Continue reading

Folklore and Healthcare

Time: 45 – 60 minutes Level: Intermediate and advanced Whenever teachers go to class sick, students are always ready with a wealth of advice. This advice ranges from good to truly absurd. This… Continue reading


Dominoes can be played by any age group. For larger groups, make one set of tiles for every 5 people. There are three sets, phonetic, compound word, and irregular verb, each containing 48… Continue reading

Role Play

12 role play cards for intermediate to advanced students. Just click the link below to find a printable page of role play cards for pairs. Role Play Cards This work by eflfocus is… Continue reading

Vocabulary Exchange

This is an interactive vocabulary activity is designed to help students discover and remember new words. Students get to choose their own vocabulary words and create their own definitions. Many teachers find that… Continue reading